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28 March 2015

Stroll Through Marylebone ● by Jess

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I've been working awfully hard to get things ready to open my Etsy store in the next couples of days. My little fingers have been ferociously sketching away, so much so that I finally ran out of supplies. Lucky for me, the walk to the art store is through Marylebone, which is one of my favourite neighbourhoods in London. 
London Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle Blog

Success! Pens procured!! Plus I got a pretty sweet discount on the paper, which made me quite happy. Now, time for more adventuring....
London Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle Blog

I spent a fair bit of time around Oxford Circus and found these two gorgeous statues up high on a wall, tucked into a little street called Mortimer. If they were standing up, they'd be about twice as tall as me. Imagine all that this couple has seen!

I also made me way down to Liberty (just because it's so darn beautiful). I'd never really noticed the St. George battling the dragon above the clock before. Magical...
London Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle Blog

At last I went over to find a Banksy piece that I've been wanting to track down (seen below). It's pretty amazing because he managed to sneak in to a security walled construction site, put up scaffolding, and paint this 3 story piece all completely in front of CCTV cameras. What a boss! 

It took me forever to find it, because they've PAINTED OVER IT! AHHHHHH! I was so upset... I gave the construction workers my best look of distain before heading home. 

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Now I'm back home and it's back to the drawing board (literally). Make sure you submit as many entries as you can into our giveaway! It ends in just a few days!!

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