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30 January 2016

A Day from Travelex

The last two weeks have past by in a total blur. Andrew has come to London to visit us on our short two week adventure before we head back to London.

Conveniently, Travelex contacted me and told me they wanted to sponsor one of our days in London with a Travelex Cash Passport card. They'd give me £100 and I'd get to write about it. This sounded like a pretty sweet deal to me, so off to the Travelex kiosk in Selfrdiges we went.

The card itself is actually great (better than expected)... it is Mastercard and I'd be able to use it in Australia (or anywhere else in the world I wanted) as long as I uploaded money on it first. This is a pretty great deal because we are currently getting hammered with foreign transaction fees in Australia whenever we use our debit or credit cards.

Anyway, after picking up the card, we decided to start the day near Carnaby Street. Andrew needed to be introduced to the glory that is Choccywoccydoodah, and the lucky thing was that there wasn't even a line! In fact, we had arrived early enough that we had our choice of seating, which was pretty prime.

The last time we went I was kind of unimpressed with the hot chocolate, but this time it was amazing. We ordered a hot chocolate and some little hot pots (which is almost like mini chocolate fondues), wherein we dipped various forms of chocolate into chocolate. It was divine.

Cost: £10.99

Afterwards we walked round to Liberty of London. We tried to find their Christmas section, only to realise they don't have it in January. However, in its place we found a clearance section (WHAT?!) and bins of fabric. Oh glory day! This fabric is usually pretty expensive so, I got myself a couple of little treasures to take home.

Cost: £20.00

Where's Waldo... er, Andrew?

Then we walked down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus

Cost: Free

After that we hoped on the 23 bus to St. Paul's Cathedral. 

Cost: £3

I took Andrew up to the New One Change deck for the view.

Cost: Free

We then took the beautiful walk across the Thames via the Millennium bridge to see the Globe theatre down to Tower Bridge.

Cost: Free

We stopped near Borough Market and got some fish and chips at a pub... it was a splurge since we were in tourist territory, but it was mighty tasty. (Admission: We were so hungry we didn't get a photo... but this is a photo of a photo of fish and chips we took from the advertisement outside the door!)

Cost: £25.50

Then, we took the bus home.

Cost: £3.00

And took a little nap.

Later we got up and started filming Andrew's new music video on Oxford Street. Ladies, brace yourselves the video is coming soon!

Cost: Free

Then treated ourselves to Wagamamas and some good conversation. Seriously this kid is such a deep thinker and very insightful. 

Cost: £36

So with a cool £1.51 remaining, that was our day! Thanks Travelex for sponsoring such a lovely day for us and an extra big thanks to Andrew for coming all the way to England to hang ;)

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