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11 January 2016

Christmas Down Under

Well, after a very inconvenient technical meltdown, MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

This was our first tropical holiday season of either of our lives, and it honestly felt so weird. How can you be listening to Christmas music while feeling the sand between your toes? (And I ask this as someone that has no qualms about pulling out the carols starting in September).

We decided holiday needed capturing with some photos at our favourite beach: Surfer's Paradise. The water is always so warm and the beach is so pristine! It is the only beach I've ever been to where there were skyscrapers fringing the shore, and I have to say, I may be ruined for life when it comes to any other beach.

Christmas Eve, we opted for "A Christmas Story' style dining and went in to Chinatown were we ate at this awesome restaurant that literally pull the fish out of the tank to prepare your food. Super fresh. Then we drove through town just in time to hear the church bells calling. So we decided to pop in for midnight mass at St. John's cathedral. It was so lovely and it was genuinely the first time it felt like Christmas around here. 

The next day we headed out of town to Jon's bosses house, which basically out in the tropical rainforest. We spent the day eating with his family and playing with his grandkids. If we couldn't be with our families, it was nice to be such a loving group of people. 

So here's to Christmas 2015! I've never thought I'd be celebrating the holidays with beaches, rainforests, and Chinese food, but what a year. Excited to see what next year brings. 

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