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23 August 2013

Finding a Flat ● by Jess

So, we've been on flat hunting mission! After dozens of all calls, we finally found a few that were within our price range and that hadn't been snapped up yet. We went to see them and we fell IN LOVE with this very large, beautiful flat with a balcony, a huge kitchen, bedroom, and reception room. It was in a beautiful neighborhood... It was just marvelous!

 Shortly after leaving though I started getting a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach which sat there like a nervous churning stew for the rest of the evening. I kept trying to push it away, but I couldn't. Finally, I looked up the particulars of the area and found out it is one of the most dangerous parts of London. Bums. Back to the drawing board.

 Jon and I stayed up until 3:30am looking for flats. We made a list of nine. The next morning we woke up first thing and called. All were gone already except two. The first was a dingy little room with a kitchenette above a fried chicken fast food place. Gross. The second was in a pishy posh neighborhood above Hyde Park. After seeing the first, our hopes low. However, it was perfect! Still a studio and more than we wanted to pay, but by far the best thing we've seen yet. Fingers crossed our bank transfers get it together so we can transfer our money!

In the mean time, we've been staying near St. Paul's Cathedral in a place called King's Wardrobe. It has been really lovely. We are really lucky Jon's company is paying for these first two weeks-- we'd be toast without them :)

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