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26 August 2013

First English Wedding ● by Jess

After realizing out flat is going to cost us more than we had originally anticipated, Jon has been very proactive about his opinions on me getting a second "transitional" job while I work on networking and getting a client base here in the UK. I am not a very big fan of this idea, as I still have a half dozen shoots to edit from my last month in the states (and my computer is still stuck in customs-- it has been for 5 days!). So, in my earnest search for a second shooter/assistant photographer job, I stumbled upon a couple that were in need of wedding photography. The job paid peanuts, but it gave me an excuse see the English countryside a bit more and hopefully open the door to cultivating a word-of-mouth reputation for myself here.

 The couple had actually had their religious ceremony a year ago, but have waited until their first anniversary to do the official civil ceremony. It was a lovely, intimate Indian wedding with close friends and family only in Kent. It was right near where Jon and I had originally intended to live, before we realized transportation for Jon alone would cost $500 at the very least per month (and that doesn't even include me!). The couple was wonderful and Jon and I really enjoyed ourselves.

 Unfortunately, it didn't quite end up the way I had hoped. I don't think the bride and groom even bothered to look at my site. They were just thrilled to have someone come and shoot and such a last minute, low expense. I had expected to give the a philanthropic "I'm just paying forward" wink and charm and tell them that the best way they could thank me is to recommend my photography to their friends. Unfortunately, the day ended with a payment in cash and a cheery farewell from the groom, "I'm glad we could give you this opportunity; I hope it helps you build your portfolio!"

 WHAT?! I mean, his heart was in the right place, but golly gee! I swear I actually did get a degree in photography and I really did have a thriving business in NYC. *sigh* Ah well, hopefully when they get the photos it will change his mind.

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