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21 August 2013

Welcome to Londontown! ● by Jess

After a very loooong journey, we finally made it to London! Whoo-hoo! Starting in Salt Lake City --> Denver --> Rekyvik, Iceland --> then finally to Hethrow airport. It was strange because our night was only a few hours long with the time change. We didn't sleep at all, so we felt a bit like zombies when we finally got off the plane.

 Jon's work had a car come pick us up. The driver was fabulous. He took us on a little tour around the city, which was covered in rare, bright and beautiful sunshine all day long! We are staying at this amazing two bedroom full-service hotel/apartment, which is owned by Deloitte. We got in, showered and took a nice long nap (well, I did). Jon, on the other had, went right to work opening up a bank account (note: if you have a Bank of America account, opening a Barclays account over here is super easy). By the time I woke up, he had it all ready to roll and was working to get our money wired over (which has become a nightmare all in itself).

 After getting some groceries, we took a walk down the Thames toward Big Ben. It was absolutely marvelous! We passed a street carnival, and tons of people just loving life. I'm a Boston loving girl, and Jon is a NYC loving boy. When you mix the two together and move to Europe, London seems like the perfect city for us. It's now official, I love this city.

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