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30 August 2013

Home Sweet Home ● by Jess

Yesterday we *finally* got approved for our flat and we rode the tube up to Wembley to sign our contract! It was so exciting!

The next morning we got up and went to check out our new place again. Oh how I love it! It is just a little studio, but it has a separate kitchen and our own bathroom (sounds strange, but for our price range, it is a luxury). It is in a neighborhood Jon has affectionately termed "little Dubai." When we first got into London, we drove through the area and (as we oggled at how beautiful everything was) our driver said, "All the Arabs live here. Do you know why?" "No... why?" "Because they are all rich." Sort of a transition to wrap our heads around. Middle easterners in NYC are not necessarily the wealthiest group (a lot of them were hanging out with us in Queens ;) ).

We're still a bit to get used to all the hookah and having practically every female neighbor wearing a  burka, but I sincerely couldn't be happier. Our room faces a quiet courtyard, its well-lighted, and plenty large enough for a bed, a desk (which is really all we need), and a wardrobe. I'm insanely excited about it!

That being said, the small size of it will require some creative feng shui-ing. Enter Ikea. We spent the whole afternoon there, trying to decide on the best ways to maximize our space. I think we've more or less figured it out, and, although we'll be waiting for about a month to get our relocation allowance so we can actually buy furniture, it feels exciting to be putting down roots. 

Also, my computer *finally* made it through customs. I can start working again tomorrow!!

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