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08 September 2013

Bed-less in Britannia ● by Jess

Soooo, we don't have any furniture. With the exception of two bedside tables, which we inherited from the previous tenets, our little apartment is looking a little sparse these days. Once we get our travel expenses reimbursed from Deloitte, we'll be doing great... but in the mean time we're roughing it on the floor. Now generally, this would be a serious problem for me. My idea of camping is a hotel with a heated pool. However, this London air must be building up my inner intrepid spirit (the one I didn't know existed) because I feel like I can conquer anything! Buckets of rain? Throw 'em at me! No furniture for a  month? I will prevail!

Unfortunately, the London air has not been looking upon Jonny so favorably, and, although he is last to complain, I know sleeping on the floor is starting to take its toll. With no furnishings, no TV, no reliable internet, and barely two pence to rub together, what else is there to do but play tourist for the day?! So, we grabbed some snacks, and took the day yesterday to see some more of this fantastic city we now call home.

1 comment:

  1. You two are awfully good-looking for being floor campers! And Jon...great haircut! Everything in your pics looks WONDERFUL!!! Especially YOU.