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04 September 2013

Birthday and Beyond ● by Jess

So, as many of you may have known, the original plan was to go to Paris for my birthday. Sadly, just three weeks before we moved we learned we had almost $2000 in work visa fees that we didn't know existed. Long story short, bye bye trip to Paris.

Fortunately, we are just postponing it... when exactly it will happen, I have no idea, but it definitely will happen at some point :)

Jon made up for by taking me to this fabulous little french bistro for dinner on Saturday, where I ordered creme brulee-- my FAVORITE! It was a low-key, totally relaxed and fantastic birthday weekend.

The most exciting thing about the weekend happened at church. We were told last week that we would be getting a new bishop this week, so be sure to attend. What actually happened is that our ward was split in two! We are now in Hyde Park Second ward. Its interesting because it feels like half the ward is actually American. I think Jon and I were kind of bummed about that, but at the very least we feel like we fit. It will be interesting to see how the new ward gets up and running. Maybe when we get in our new ward the ratio of Brits to Americans will have shifted.

On the way home (we walk through Hyde Park to get to our new flat), we discovered the Serpentine Gallery which had an incredible white pavilion in front of it designed by Sou Fujimoto.

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