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19 September 2013

Dickie Lake ● by Jess

After our family reunion (and just before Jon and I moved here to London), we spent a week up in Montana at Dickie Lake with my mother-in-law's cousin Flora (we call  her Aunt Flora). We started in Utah and took an epic caravaning car trip up to northwestern Montana with my in-laws, Andrew, Matt, Tom, and Mary's family.

We made a pit stop in Idaho Falls where we stopped to see the LDS temple (which I had never seen before!).

Around dinner time we all had an ice cream craving. Fortunately, we were just outside Missoula, which is where I grew up. We stopped at Big Dipper ice cream, which is a sort of legendary parlor that sells homemade goodness. I got my go-to, a huckleberry shake, and while I was taking photos of the kids, Jon and his brothers went over to a vintage vinyl shop across the street.

I probably should have warned that we had stopped in one of the epicenters of hipster crunchiness. The boys came back wide eyed and more than a little distressed, with stories of ripe human smells and hipsters singing songs about family skeletons in the closet. It was a perfect introduction into Missoula student subculture.

Just a few hours from our final destination, one of the cars broke down. AH! We stopped off at a car dealership and waited for help. In the meantime, we decided it was time for a game of Sorry. This family plays the most intense game of Sorry you could ever imagine, and it was made even more legit by the fact that we were playing it the middle of a parking lot at midnight.

The next morning we woke up some of the most amazing views (and amazing bread) on the planet. Aunt Flora is a phenomenal baker! Sadly though, poor uncle Larry had had an accident water skiing earlier in the morning and had to go to the doctor. It turns out he broke his leg and had to have a pin put in it!

The entire trip was so relaxing. Having just had the large family reunion, which was exciting, stressful and packed with people and activities, being able to just sit and enjoy the seemingly pristine and perfectly clear water was fabulous. We spent a lot of time one the skidoos, the boat and waterskiing. We had a blast!

During dinner one night, Jon facetiously posed the question, "If 'Nessie' is the lake monster at Loch Ness and 'Champ' is the lake monster at lake Champlain... the lake monster here at Dickie would be called....?" "Richard!" Was the immediate and very quick response of my mother-in-law. From that point on the lake monster (of which Jon truly does have an irrational fear) was named Richard.

We are so grateful to Flora and Larry for letting us all come up and stay at their gorgeous home. They are such amazingly good people and I am so happy that I can (in a very round about way) call them family.


  1. Jessica, this is spectacular! You have captured the essence of the time spent at the cabin so well. Good heavens - you are so talented. And yes, you are DEFINITELY family!

  2. I love seeing all those happy brother pictures!