01 April 2015

Giveaway Announcement ● by Jess

The time has come! At long last it's time to announce the lucky winner of our giveaway! Whoo-hoo!Are we ready?The official winner* is: Matthew de Monte(Matthew, I'll be emailing you shortly. You have 3 days to respond with your mailing address, and if we don't hear back, we'll choose a new winner. Congratulations!) We had a whole slew of entries-- 4,559! WOWEE! So, if you didn't win you are in good company. Still, I know there are some very sad people out there that wanted to win. So, to make up for not winning, I've decided to give you a sweet little discount if you decide to buy a piece from my BRAND NEW ETSY SHOP!!!!Just use the coupon: EVERY1WINS for 20% off. Coupon will be good for 2 weeks (ending 15/4/2015).Anyway, be sure to check out the shop regardless. Every piece is custom-made (not printed), so if you see anything you like, but want a few changes (or have something new altogether in your head) be sure to let me knowWhile everything in my shop is London-centric, I am also taking requests for commissioned pieces for anywhere in the world. I am currently working on a piece featuring the landmarks of the Oregon coast, so anything is game. Thanks for all your support and sharing of our giveaway! It's been a huge success and I'm so pleased with the outcome :) Thanks again you guys!!*Winner is selected by PromoSimple, the app I used to host the giveaway. 

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