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12 April 2015

Green Phone Booth ● by Jess

London Lifestyle BlogThis week was pretty eventful-- and not just because I learned that the telephone booths in London also come in green-- but MOSTLY because I also realised there has been practically a whole new season of Dance Moms that I've completely missed. OH THE GLORY!Time to pull out the popcorn and enjoy the buzz! There is nothing like trashy American reality television to take you to your happy place. I made Jon sit and binge watch it with me (but really I know he loves the drama too). After a very satisfying, multi-hour bender, and ensuing discussion about whether Maddie really is the best (yes.), we decided it was time to do a little exploring in the city. This time Jon chose... time to stroll through his favourite neighbourhood: the City of London. London Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle Blog

I bought this vintage blue coat several years ago for a photography project I was doing at University. I love it, but although it is one of the few things I've kept over the years,  this is only my second time wearing it. Seems like a cloudy spring day in London is the perfect time to wear something loud. 

London Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle Blog

At Liverpool Street station we were wandering around and found this little passageway tucked behind some of the shops. It takes you back to a parking garage, but it opens up to show all the beautiful structure of the train station (above). Even the little passageway itself was a beautiful hodge-podge of old and new (below). 
London Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle Blog

I think some of our silliest, most favourite moments are when we are just running around exploring... it doesn't take much to please us, just a couple of crazy sculptures, some fun architecture, and a whole lot of pizzazz. Unlocking this city might take me a lifetime... there is so much to see! Still, I truly believe that the discovery is the fun bit. 

London Lifestyle Blog

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