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20 April 2015

Graham Norton + Sarastro ● by Jess

This week we got priority tickets for the Graham Norton Show! We tried to get on the last episode (which featured David Beckham, Will Smith, and Hugh Jackman- gah!), but got turned away last minute because they'd overbooked. Sooo, we got priority seats this week to see Carrie Mulligan (Great Gatsby), Amanda Holden (Britian's Got Talent), Noomi Rapace (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), and Jessie Ware, who's music Jon is currently obsessed with. 

It was so fun to see the behind the scenes of how they film a show like this. It was actually a bit different than I expected. It was far more exciting and a lot less sitting around than I had anticipated. 

The next night our lovely Auntie Claire took us out to eat at Sarastro. I've been wanting to go to since we moved here. We've walked past this restaurant about a dozen times, and every time we do, I peer inside like a kid into a candy shop. Inside is covered in swaths of gold fabric and tassels and looks like something from Phantom of the Opera. My phone photos really do not to it justice, but it is beautiful and quirky with all kind of nooks and crannies.  

The food was quite good. We got the course menu. The appetisers come out as a huge selection for the table to share. 

For second course, I ordered the sea bass, which was delicious. All of us enjoyed our main course, though we all agreed our dishes were pretty protein heavy. 

Overall, I'd say that, while the food is good, the real star of this restaurant is the ambiance-- which is incredible. Even the bathrooms are.... exciting (imagine if Matisse decided to illustrate the Kama Sutra), though there is a kid-friendly option down stairs. 

We got lucky and happened to be there the night of a live Latin artist. Around our last course, an elderly lady (she must have been in her late 70s), who was clearly a bit inebriated, got up in front of the musicians and started to dance-- like really dance-- totally uninhibited. 

Everyone sort of watched and giggled for a few songs, but when it became clear that grandma wasn't planning on sitting down anytime soon, everyone else got up on the non-existent dance floor and started dancing. It was possibly one of the funnest London restaurant experiences we've had thus far. Thank you Claire for making it happen!

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