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27 April 2015

Poland Photos ● by Jess

This week has been crazy town.

My brother-in-law Matt is getting married next week in the States and Jon managed to find a mega cheap (comparatively speaking) ticket for me, so I could be with the family. Hot tip: Flying in and out of Dublin makes tickets can sometimes make ticket prices 100s of pounds cheaper. Then you just get a £20 flight to London with Ryanair!

After we got that sorted (it caused me a great deal of stress because, at first, I didn't think it was the right choice), a whole new financial timebomb went off as some things unexpectedly came due for school this autumn. We got it all sorted, but I seriously think it took a full week off the end of my life.

Anyway, I've been quite remiss in getting things up on my blog as of late, so hopefully I can get a few things done before I head to the states tomorrow. Here comes the Poland pics:

Poland was just lovely. I really didn't have much of a frame of reference for what to expect. Having travelled to other countries in Easter Europe I expected it to be a bit... dirtier. However, it definitely exceeded my expectations on the cleanliness front. 

My favourite bit was seeing this (below) at Wawel cathedral. There are allegedly REAL dragon bones from a dragon called Smok that used to terrorise the town. I tell the whole story in our film from our visit. 

Because Auschwitz is right near by, the Jewish quarter is quite an important place to visit in the city. The area is beautiful cobblestone and old close-quarter buildings. 

We took a tour of the Salt Mines which are right outside the city. The tour was pretty incredible and we highly recommend it. This room (below) was my favourite. The photos really don't do it justice, but it is breathtaking. Every inch has been carved out by hand and made into gorgeous religious artworks. Everything is salt. Even the chandeliers are made from the salt stone. 

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