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25 October 2015

Australian Checklist


Praise!! Honestly, I thought I might be stuck here husbandless for the next months, but as luck would have it, the BRP card arrived yesterday.

Now I finally feel like I can let myself get excited about Australia. I decided to take a little trip round Instagram, and see what is in store... I made a list, which is mostly for myself, but I thought I'd share in case others find themselves in a similar situation.


We will primarily be living in Brisbane, so the majority of my list will be the adventures within the area around the city. Here's my Brisband list:

1) Pet a Koala

Apparently in New South Wales it is illegal to hold a Koala (due to the fact that people can pass disease to the animals). Luckily, we won't be in New South Wales! So, bring on the cuddles.

2) Visit the Botanical Garden at Mt. Cootha

It's tropical, lush and has an amazing view of Brisbane. Definitely a must.

A photo posted by Georgia Low (@georgialow) on

3) See a Kangaroo in the Wild

Jon's new boss told me I could hop into one of the company trucks and ride shotgun with one of the drivers down to Sydeny. Then I'd see plenty of kangaroos... probably as roadkill. :( I determined to see one a live and jumping.

4) Check out the Museums

I love love LOVE aboriginal dot painting-- not just aesthetically, but the deep and beautiful spiritual symbolism behind them is so wonderful! I am very excited to works at the source.

A photo posted by Sarrita King (@sarritaking) on

5) Go Snorkeling + Feed a Dolphin

Off the coast of Brisbane there is an island (Moreton Island) with shipwrecks you can go snorkeling in. There is a special area where you can feed the dolphins.

6) Go on the Sky Walk in the Rainforest

About a 50 minute drive south of Brisbane is a rainforest with these amazing rope bridges you can walk out on to! Jon is going to have a heart attack, but I can't wait!

A photo posted by elligoesoz (@elligoesoz) on

4) Stroll around Southbank

There is a stretch in Brisbane, that apparently nears beachy-city perfection. With lovely flower covered walkways, a mini beach, and all the amazing shops and restaurants you can imagine, I'm excited to go exploring.

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5) See the Skyline at Night

When I first found out we'd be going to Brisbane, I (naturally) googled it and was baffled by what a gorgeous skyline it has. Why have I never really heard of this place? A night walk to capture the beautiful cityscape is a must.

6) Visit the Gold Coast

Just south of Brisbane is a stretch of coastline known as the Gold Coast. It is arguably the best stretch of beach in the world and is a surfers dream. Nature has some pretty stunning moments in this area and I mean to capture a few of them on film.

We plan on taking a few weekend trips. The only one we have settled on right now is Sydney, so here's a few things on Sydney list:

1) See the Sydney Opera House

This one has been on my bucket list since I was about 8. Hello beautiful, I'm comin for you.

A photo posted by Arief Sunarto (@ariefsunarto) on

2) See the Nutcracker Ballet in Sydney Opera House

This is a Christmas must. Period.

3) Eat one of these milkshakes

I think it is pretty clear that that hope for a sexy beach body just won't be possible when there are little glories like this to eat.

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Have I missed anything? Probably... if you have recommendations, please let me know below! I'm very eager to learn anything and everything there is to see...

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