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11 October 2015


Test art in notebook announcementWe have an exciting announcement to make, well a couple actually...

1) Jon landed his dream job at the British investment firm, VALTEGRA, and

2) as a result WE ARE MOVING TO AUSTRALIA for 2 1/2 months, in just two and a half weeks! 

Now, all this deserves a lot more discussion, which will happen in subsequent posts, but for now, here are the answers to the most common questions we've gotten from our family and friends. [Jon's response in teal, Jessica's in pink]

What city will you be moving to?

... although we are also planning on travelling up the Gold Coast and to Sydney.

Why do you have to go to Australia for so long?

Well, the main reason is to help one of our [VALTEGRA'
s] portfolio companies with their accounting and reporting. We want to see a few cycles to make sure they are getting things right. Additionally, there might be other investment opportunities that come up and it would be helpful to have someone on the ground to do the due diligence. 

What will Jess do while she's down there?

I'll be housewifing it! We've known that this was a possibility since the summer, so I've planned my life and work accordingly. I'll be writing and photographing my adventures here on the blog :)

What will happen after those 2 1/2 months?

We'll come back to London. 
Jon's bro, Andrew, will be visiting in late January and we're insanely excited about that.

What are you most looking forward to?

Diving into my new job and adding value to the company. 
Holding koalas and seeing kangaroos in the wild like this

What will you miss most about London?

Christmas festivities. Because Australia is in the Southern hemisphere, they're currently heading into summer. 
My mom's response to my whinging about it was, "boo hoo. You get a tropical Christmas. Remind me why I should be feeling badly for you again?" Which was fair, but hasn't stopped me whining about how much I'll miss Christmas in London.

When do you leave to go down under?


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