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03 October 2015

Islington in Autumn

This morning started out with Jon bounding out the door to teach our Self-Reliance/Entrepreneurship class.  We volunteer-teach it together on Saturdays and have four fantastic students we work one-on-one with. Jon teaches the fundamentals (accounting, price structures, developing a business plan, etc) and I do the marketing/internet bits (brand development, building websites, utilising social media, etc). 

Luckily I got the day off today. 

When Jon came home, I convinced him to come take a stroll with me up in Islington. I'm pretty sure there is no better way to spend a day in October than wandering through that neighbourhood. It is so darn beautiful. 

Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? I only saw one for the first time earlier this week. Crazy pretty, but it seems like it belongs someplace a lot more tropical than London.

In a moment of Project-Runway-Handbag-Geniusness I grabbed a leather waist belt and wrapped it around this purse. It is alarming how satisfied I feel about this.

Jon is getting to be a pretty great photographer. Although I generally prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it, I like that Jon now knows how to tell me to pose and how to capture the right image. Love it when he gets a chance to explore with me.

Every couple of months one of the higher ups in Jon's company will work him completely ragged. Sometimes when this happens, a little sliver of humanity will break through. This usually means they'll tell Jon to take me out to a nice dinner on the firm's dime. Last night his manager threw us one of these bones, so we definitely took advantage of it. 

We went to the Comedore Grill on Islington High Street. It was about 3pm and despite the fact that most other restaurants were pretty busy, this one was empty. However, it had great reviews, so in we went.

Food Review

Empadas - 9/10
Jon got the steak and the spinach. The steak was amazing, spinach was less inspiring.

Ceviche - 7.5/10
Delicious autumnal take on ceviche. Large portion, tasty.

Steaks (sides of mashed potatoes, spinach, and broccoli) - 8/10
As steak goes, pretty great. Mine came out medium rare (I ordered medium well). I feel bad sending stuff back into the kitchen, so I wasn't going to say anything, but the waitress noticed right away and was horrified. Not only did she bring me back a new steak, but she brought me second portions of all the sides and a jar of home-canned olives. And, BONUS, we weren't even charged for the steak!

Very, very impressed with the customer service.

Autumnal Ceviche, which (in addition to the fish) came with corn, roasted pumpkin, plantain, pickled shallots, and corn nuts)

Islington Town Hall was right across the street, so every few minutes a new wedding party would emerge, throw flower petals, snap a few pictures, and then pile into their vintage double decker (with a customised marquee for the couple) and jaunt off to their respective receptions. It was so much fun to watch.

After eating, we rushed (literally) home to watch conference, which starts at 5pm here. I heard a friend refer to General Conference as a set of four sessions of Mormon-centric TED talks, which is probably the best description I've heard in awhile.

This session is particularly exciting because there were three new apostles announced. Between sessions, Jon and his brother Andrew were chatting on the phone about it-- they like to pretend it is like a football season draft and would make place the prospectives into rounds. It was pretty funny... and it turns out their guesses were a little off. Regardless, it was a fantastic conference and I can't wait to hear what everyone has to say tomorrow.

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