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28 October 2015

Hello + Goodbye

First a hello.

Michael, Jon's cousin came to visit us again this week. It was so lovely to have come round-- not just because he is family because he's a deep thinker and we had some awesome conversations.

We also explored the Egyptians tombs and Grecian marbles of the British Museum. Our goodbyes seem to sneak up on us faster than usual.

It hasn't just been with Michael either, but with everyone and everything.

Yesterday was my last day with the children I fill-in nanny for (I care for them when their regular nanny has the day off).

With a pair of them, we discussed that I'd be leaving for a couple of months. I asked two of them, if they had any advice for me (particularly Tilly, whose been to Australia several times already).

"Well, she said, "I don't... but my regular nanny gave me daddy some good advice."
"Oh? What's that?"
"She told him to lose his fat, otherwise he'll get sick and die."

Solid advice from the nanny front. I'll make sure I keep that close to my heart.

Anyway, we leave tomorrow and it is a mad house trying to pack and organise things so that the last-minute subleter will have everything they need. *sigh* stress stress stress!

But all will be well tomorrow when we finally take off!

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