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22 October 2015

Rainy London + Startups

rainy london
Rainy days are some of my favourite days in London.

It's not oppressive, like you might think. The clouds are so high up, that sometimes it feels like maybe the sky was meant to be grey instead of blue. 

I especially love the way rainy days paint the city in this soft milky light. It make everything feel so cozy-- like God has just covered the sky in a blanket of goose down.

On days like this, I just like to wander... after the rain has died down (mostly to save my camera), I just like to explore. 

London lifestyle bloggerLondon lifestyle bloggerLondon lifestyle bloggerLondon lifestyle blogger

After exploring, I went to see Jon at his new office. Valtegra has an office in the City, but their "engine room" is in Hammersmith. It's definitely a different vibe. At Jon's old office, it felt like everyone more or less dressed the same, and people sort of had the 9 to 5 mentality. Things felt sleek, stable, predictable.

At his new place, you can tell the building is full of start ups. There is this buzz of hungry excitement everywhere... guys wearing tight, trendy suits and converse shoes pack into the elevator next to brainy, bearded hipsters. The potential for success feels infinite. 

I know Jon's pretty excited. Valtegra's relatively short existence, thus far, as been pretty eventful, with lots of wins right out of the gate. Hopefully we'll see a few more in the work Jon will be doing down under.
  London lifestyle blogger

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