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05 October 2015

A Cornish Birthday: Tintagel

My heart has had a little pitter-pattering for Cornwall for awhile now. I feel like every picture I've seen of the place, shows a landscape covered in that velvety green moss and magic. It makes my soul swoon!

While I haven't exactly been bashful about my hope to go down there, I was seriously shocked when Jon surprised me with a trip for my birthday. I guess I just assume half of what I say washes over him... way to prove me wrong Jonny. <-- Husband of the year right here.

Our first day was a trip to Tintagel. There are lots of legends about this place, but that one that seems to have been around longest is that this is where King Arthur was conceived. Whatever the truth is, it is completely romantic and beautiful. 

This castle was built on this little peninsula-island that juts out into the water. You are surrounded by cliffs and water on every side. And while the wind is blowing something fierce, it still feels all hobbit-y and picturesque. 

Our greatest struggle on this trip was the blasted hedges that are flanking basically ever. single. road. The "hedges" are actually stone walls (which can be 10ft+ in some areas) that are covered in hundreds of hears of foliage. Since our phone data didn't work down there, it felt like we were in a claustrophobic wonderland maze. 

The hedges were so tall, we had no frame of reference for where we were, and the roads were so narrow. Somehow the locals would whip around them and squeeze through. It was heart-attack inducing stuff... especially when we got lost and couldn't find out hotel. Luckily the Cornish are very very friendly (perhaps adding credence to 'good fences make good neighbours?') and eventually helped us find our way. 

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