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05 September 2015

Summer Catch Up

"I would rather start out somewhere small-- like London or England." 
-Britney Spears

London Lifestyle BlogThis morning I woke up to open windows and the air was all chilly and crisp the way September is suppose to be. Our stolen summer sunshine is pretty much gone, but even though I'm fiendishly excited about sweater weather, a quick scroll through my phone photos is enough to make me nostalgic for London summers. 

London Lifestyle Blog

Over the past couple of months vintage has made a safe landing on Oxford street. Everything was in polka dots and in Pinterest-y pink and mint... I know it is at the point where it is driving people crazy, but I still love it.

We also had some great parties with friends-- especially the Blocks who are always amazing to host the best dinner parties, including the fourth of July (below).

London Lifestyle BloggerLondon Lifestyle Blogger

We also got to spend a bit more time with Auntie Claire, who did us the great service of narrating our contribution to the family film festival. Her voice was quite the hit! But that is to be expected when you have a voice is that all velvety and beautiful like hers.

London Lifestyle Blogger

We also went to a Taylor Swift concert... sorta. We decided one Sunday to take a stroll through Hyde Park. There are always big concerts playing on the weekends, but they cost a pretty penny. Anyway, we walked around the venue and found a whole slew of people in this one particular place where you could see pretty perfectly into the concert FOR FREE. It was fantastic. And did I mention free?

London Lifestyle Blogger

As part of Jon's job, he gets invited to spiffy events, like a dinner cruise down the Thames. They said fancy dress, so Jon came in a suit and tie. However, Brits are pretty serious when they use the phrase "fancy dress." Everyone was wearing tuxedos and evening gowns. Jon was even teasingly chastised for wearing "funeral clothes" to the party.

Jon's favourite part was the magician (which is really no surprise as he gets crazy excited anytime he sees one). He literally went on for a solid hour after got home about Troy. All in all he had a pretty smashin time.

London Lifestyle BloggerLondon Lifestyle BloggerLondon Lifestyle BloggerLondon Lifestyle Blogger

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