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12 September 2015

One Photo Each Hour II

Photography skills are like muscles.  And I think mine have atrophied. 

This week I went back and looked at my pre-marriage travel photography-- the stuff that's beautiful enough to have never graced the internet (I'm saving them for prints). I realised how lazy I've gotten! AH! 

So, on Thursday, I put myself through a little photo bootcamp - one photo per hour all day long. I did this exercise earlier this year and it was so helpful. Plus, it is just great to look back and see a full day of life. Here we go...

9:00am | 3 Nephi 11 + Tea
10:30am | Important blog posts get old school treatment in the rough draft phase11:20am | Writer's block
12:45am | Potted Plants

1:00pm | Lunch

2:50pm | Victorian Brickwork

3:10pm | Home from Market
4:00pm | Snack

5:00pm | Street Scene

6:45pm | Sunset in Islington

7:30pm | Making Dinner at Harriet's

8:30pm | Bird's Eye View, Tablecloth and Centrepiece in Harriet's Dinning room

9:45pm | Walking Home, Window Display through a Passing Taxi 

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