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23 September 2015

Bingham Family Reunion 2015

When we were back in the States this summer, we spent the second half of our trip with my family up in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. This part of Idaho is like twelve kinds of gorgeous. We basically spent the whole trip out on Hayden Lake and it was incredible.

We started the reunion out with a trip to the Spokane temple and afterward went to Manito park. It was a pretty brutal day outside and by the time we made it through the park we are all dying to get in the water. This happened to be pretty perfect as we just happened to have a lake (well, several) nearby.

Manito Park
Manito Park Cactus

Lovely Daniel and Sika, or are now MARRIED! Pretty sure their babies are going to be the cutest things on the planet.

London LIfestyle Blog
London LIfestyle Blog

My Grandma and Grandpa Bingham came over from Missoula as well. It is pretty much tradition that my Grandpa make homemade rootbeer for us, and he didn't disappoint.

London LIfestyle BlogLondon LIfestyle Blog

We were playing some pretty hardcore scrabble and Uno (with some major house rules). I won, naturally Jon expressed decent and accused me of cheating (what?! I never...), but in the end was forced to accept defeat.

London LIfestyle BlogLondon LIfestyle Blog

I can't even say how lovely it was spending all day out on the water with the family. We went tubing, boating, jet skiing, wakeboarding, swimming and I don't think we'd ever get tired of it. At one point we went out to this little sand bar and threw the football around (well, I didn't... as a matter of personal safety for all present) and drove past Bing Cosby's old mansion.

London LIfestyle BlogLondon LIfestyle Blog

I surely do love this boy of mine...

London LIfestyle BlogLondon LIfestyle Blog
Hayden idaho lake

It was an incredible couple of days with great bonding and lots of love. Watching our video back makes me miss the mountains and all these wonderful people buckets. Lucky to have been blessed enough to be born into a family like this.

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