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14 September 2015

Win A Trip to Romantic Jersey (Channel Islands)

These days, now that school has started again and the leaves are changing, I can feel my toes longing a little bit for warm yellow sand to wiggle around in, which means I run to Pinterest and Instagram for vacation planning. 

It's a bit of an obsession really-- planning the next romantic holiday. I literally have notebooks filled with proof of this ridiculous wanderlust. I've shared a few gems before, but there's a couple I've been saving up. Luckily, for you (and for me) I just found out about a contest where we could WIN A FREE TRIP TO JERSEY! 

So, grab your sweetheart and let's discover together (a la Instagram) what the Channel Islands have to offer...
First stop on our magical trip is St. Brelade's Beach Bay. Look at all that beautiful fun white sand! GAH! 

I have really high arches, so walking on sandy beaches feels amaaaaazing. Plus I'm a collector... I always have pockets full of shells and pebbles and sea glass whenever we go to the beach. This bay is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

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Doesn't this look like something from Never-Never land? I feel like a mermaid could just flop up on a rock and say 'hello' and I wouldn't even be surprised. 

In actuality, this is Cobiere Lighthouse. During the summer you can get yourself an ice cream cone and walk out at low tide. And how gorgeous would this be at sunset?!

You're on a romantic vacay, so why not treat yourself? Because, we can all afford that right? 

Apparently Jersey has a lot to offer in this particular department. Between Jersey's nine different spas, you have quite a lot to choose from as far as experiences go. So, get yo' self a couples massage. You deserve it. 

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Between the world-famous Jersey cows and ample sea life, you know this island is going to have a lot to bring to the plate (this little island literally has four Michelin starred restaurants!). After consulting Tripadvisor and several Jersey specific food sites (as well as my pocket book), I would probably book dinner at either:

Bistro Rosa - This is definitely the place to indulge in seafood. Located right in the fish market, it sounds like this place is as fresh and authentic as I think you'll find. 
Bellagio - A cozy restaurant which seats under 20 people. From the sounds of things, this is where you order that steak!

For both places, you definitely need reservations, so plan accordingly.

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What English holiday would be complete if there wasn't a castle somewhere in the landscape. You have several options for said castles, but my favourite is Mont Orgueil, which protected Jersey against French invasion for nearly 600 years. 

Inside there is a network of staircases, towers, and little treasures to discover in each room. The photo above is a view of the bay from between two merlons. 
As an Island, Jersey has perfected the art of water sports. Basically everything you can think of is available-- surfing, wind sailing, jet-skiing, wake-boarding, waterskiing, kayaking, or banana boating (it's like a tube you sit on behind a boat). 

Any imaginable water sport is available here.
Now let's go to the Durrell Wildlife Park. This place is pretty incredible. Their work is all about conservation and saving threatened species around the world, unlike some other zoos which remove species from the wild for entertainment. They have everything from gorillas to flamingos to sea otters and it is definitely a must see for the animal lover. 

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Now, If you are ready to find out (and win!) your own trip to this gorgeous island, head over to Escape To Jersey. You'll be prompted to use their little slider widget to say what kind of trip you are looking for (relaxed vs energetic, 5 stars vs under the stars, etc). Then they will make you your OWN custom video of what your trip to Jersey could look like. 

If you love it (as much as I did mine), just put in your email address, and you'll be entered into their free romantic holiday giveaway. So go check it out-- go see what your dream Jersey vacation would look like. 

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