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10 September 2015

Clayton Christensen with Gousto

This is a post about good food and good people.Lately, I've been trying out this new service (a la a coupon I found in an Amazon order) called Gousto. It allows you to pick your meals out online; then, they package the ingredients up-- with recipes-- and post it to your door. It's a lazy girl's dream.

London lifestyle blogger

Above are the ingredients for one of the meals I ordered. I tried to follow the recipes as closely as possible, which is pretty big for me because I never follow food directions. While I was cooking, I realised several things:

1) The meat I usually buy is crap (even though I usually shop at Waitrose). This became clear by the glorious lack of that fat-protein emulsion (spume). Hmmmm... starting to get a little hooked.

2) My spice rack is in need of an update, because even if I had the inclination to try out some of these meals on my own, I probably wouldn't. They would require a lot of spices I've never even heard of.

3) Maybe my portion-sizes are a little (WAY) off. To my amazement, the portions for these meals were incredibly filling, despite looking very small on the ingredients end. Point to Gousto.

London lifestyle blogger

The verdict: Good value, but still a bit steep.

Luckily for any of my UK readers out there, Gousto has given me a special voucher code to share. You can get £20 off your first order (generally they only give you £15) by using this handy dandy voucher code: JESSI71345 

So, go get yourself some free food. You're welcome.

In other exciting news, Clayton and Christine Christensen came into town. Among academics, he's a pretty big deal. From his status as as Harvard professor to his best-selling books, he's got some serious clout. However, among Mormons, I'm pretty sure he's nearing demigod status. 

Of course, when I first met him, I was clueless to all this excitement. He was just the very kind grandpa of my future nieces and nephews. When I lived in Boston, I saw him pretty frequently-- we even had Thanksgiving dinner with him and Christine several times. Now, I feel like we're related (even though we aren't -- he's Jon's sister's papa-in-law). 

Still, having them come into town felt like family and we were awfully glad to see them. They had a fireside at the church discussing missionary work. There were so many insightful things discussed, but most particularly the uniqueness of the LDS church in encouraging tough questions, and how essential that framework is to our growth. 

Then, a few days later, we managed to snag tickets to see him speak on business innovation at PARLIAMENT!

We arrived an hour early because we were so paranoid about not getting in (as they had overbooked the event). Lucky us, we were so early that we got the best seats in the house! Look at us, front row center (with our friend Suzette) in one of the biggest rooms in the entire place. Whoo hoo!

There are some pretty serious people up in front, including John Hoffmire (Oxford Professor), Elder Herbertsonand David Rutley (an MP)

On our way home, I discovered that Jon no longer walks/rides the tube home in his dress shoes. Rather he changes into his running shoes, which I find pretty hilarious. Everyone else found it funny too-- at least 5 people commented on it on the way home. Luckily, Jon can rock a suit and sneakers with the best of 'em. 
What a rock star.

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