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01 September 2015

Salt Lake City (Pre-Reunion) 2015

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Hello world! I'm back from vacation.

It has been one busy summer full of lots of travels and families and... well, a bit of fattening up. But what is life if you can't eat your weight in peanut butter m&ms, right?

Our epic sojourn back to the States started in Utah, where Jon's family lives. As our Young Family reunion was gearing up, we had family slowly trickle into town, which meant we got to have little adventures before everyone arrived. Check out our vlog below:

The journey began with a killer flight from London. It was... horrible. Between the layovers in both Germany and Portland and the 11 hour transcontinental flight with four screaming babies, it was a doozy. It was, however, made exponentially better by the goober that photobombed our video.

London Lifestyle Blog
Right off the plane, we got to go see my brother-in-law Tom perform. The boy's got a mean trumpet... Excited to see where his career will take him. I'm certain it is going to be someplace mind-blowing.

London Lifestyle Blog

I've always known Jon will make a good dad one day, but I have to say, watching him with kids is enough to make anyone's ovaries do backflips. 

Check out 0:58 in the video above and you'll see what I mean. My babies will be little geniuses!

Anyway, he promised the kids that we'd take them lizard hunting up Little Cottonwood Canyon. The lizards, naturally, had other ideas, but we still managed to have quite the adventure. From climbing boulders (Lincoln-- in red-- is a little mountain goat!) to sloshing through rivers, it was quite an exciting time. 

London Lifestyle BlogLondon Lifestyle Blog

Double rainbow. Need I say more?

London Lifestyle Blog
One night we all went  downtown to go Swing Dancing at the city's Big Band Night. Tom was playing (in the band) and we met up with Matt, Lisa, Mary and her kids to learn some sweet moves. 

London Lifestyle Blog

If one thing can be said for my bros-in-law, they for sure can play a little ball. As one of the more uncoordinated humans on planet Earth, I find their skills pretty impressive. Still, even if I were blessed with some semblance of athleticism, I'd probably still be the one videoing on the sidelines. Playing with boys terrifies me. Truly.

So, I was fairly well baffled by my sister-in-law, Lisa, who is completely undeterred by the sweaty, pushy enigma that is the world of male basketball.

During the game, a couple of Dave's friends gave her some serious grief, going on and on and on about having to play defence on (heaven help them) A GIRL. I was sitting on the edge, about to boil over about the whole thing, but Lisa just brushed it off-- completely unfazed by the apparent fragile state of masculinity these days. 

Anyway, she is a rock star. And I adore her.

London Lifestyle Blog
So, as I get the rest of these reunion videos done (and celebrate in a really serious way because it's BIRTHDAY WEEK), I'll just recommend a quick subscribe of our site as well as checking out this documentary (because it is life-changing and will alter the way you look at art). Enjoy!

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